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the sale of patriot missiles to taiwan. up next pentagon and state department officials testify about china's relationship with its asian neighbors and the u.s. they also look at recent changes in china's military strategy. we will show you as much of this two-hour hearing as we can, until our live coverage of the hearing on the financial industry. >> today we have with us admiral robert willard, commander of the united states pacific command. honorable chip gregson, assistant secretary of defense for asian and pacific security affairs, and david shear deputy assistant secretary of state for east asian and pacific affairs, and we welcome you gentlemen to the first hearing before this committee. we're sort of pleased that you could join us today and testify on recent security developments, involving the country of china. also, wish to welcome admiral willard's wife, donna, who is seeded behind the good admiral. and we welcome you. is the admiral missteps of that, why, you just whisper in his hair and you help them out. welcome. this is a very important and very timely hearing. it's interesti
>> martin, i suppose i believe china rules the world when a chinese scholar gives a seminar paper on american decline at a chinese university at which about a quarter of the audience are americans. i mean, the very fact of your writing this book has something of a hegemonic quality to it in the old sense of anglophone hum jiminy. it's clear you by the goldman sachs tour that china's gdp is going to overtake that of the united states in 2027 at 4:00 in the afternoon on the 25th of december. but i wonder what you're telling us about china employs anything more than that. in other words, it's not clear that your civilization state with its tradition of tributary relations with its neighbors and yes, maybe some african countries today, have an aspiration to rule the world. could you tell us if there is, in fact, some prospect of that? that doesn't seem to be in the tradition you're describing. and therefore, why worry? >> well, i think you put your finger on a very important distinction between the chinese tradition and the western tradition. they do share, they both are civilizations
of china. also i wish to welcome willard's wife donna seated behind the good admiral and we welcome you, and if the admiral missteps a bit, why, you just whisper in his ear and help him out. welcome. this is a very important and a very timely hearing. it's interesting to note that just this morning press reports indicate that google is contemplating pulling out of china, which we may discuss a bit in our hearing. i'll stress for some time the critical significance of the developments in china to our national security. in recent years, while we've been highly focused and events in the middle east and south asia, china's influence has grown in asia as well as beyond. and i'm pleased that the obama administration prioritized the united states and china's security relationship and encouraged by the joint statement that raumted from the president's recent visit to china. i welcome the administration's efforts to increase u.s. and china relations and cooperation in areas of common interests ranging from counterterrorism and nonproliferation to energy security. we must work together with china
>>> tonight on "worldfocus" -- >> new numbers show china's economy growing faster than expected and on the verge of replacing japan as the second largest in the world. could china's boom go bust? >>> china's coming to the rescue of many haitians. we look at their growing humanitarian role. >>> in the aftermath of haiti's devastating earthquake, we follow one family's quest to bury a loved one with dignity. >>> pandemonium in shanghai. how could we resist one look at this. >>> from the different perspectives of reporters and analysts around the world. this is worldfocus. >>> major support has been provided by rosalind p. walter and the peter g. peterson foundation, dedicated to promoting fiscal responsibility and addressing key economic challenges facing america's future. and additional funding is provided by the following supporters -- >>> good evening, i'm martin savidge, thanks for joining us. we're going to shift gears tonight and return to a subject the world was focussed on for much of last year, the global economy. the world bank is out with its predictions for the next ye
is alex montgomery who hasn't started since she hurt her knee. >> lachina: she's the answer to every question. even with limited minutes she's made her presence felt with prolific shooting. the junior is going to be focused on the defensive end of the floor. this should be a great one prrnlg it should. if you play for georgia he tech you have to focus on defense. cavaliers if t w win chars vi host chaaniey a medle? ♪e mu chhat'you n. voo. 1tes save yoor m car ine. rg, uth , yearoy ed ugamelf hisr. by e oe wa alrutplhim. th of entl ng tior chamips e ag4? fn 16on. dds t sa akino th feurpro-tour fn 7 n. th of e "sy" g opepionnce and the u.s. chship? 780ion. e o rofel goavin a ciagnith ? 1 in erls eges tn ths ofm tism.org minutes, it's the "final score." >> we have worked hard enough to go out here and do what we need to do to win. every single one of you, you should have the confidence when you come in the game to play your role. you don't have to do anything special. what you have to do is play your role. have you to play hard, you have to play hard and together, slow them down, be a
of calls inhe united states, toyota announced today that it is recalling 75,000 vehicles in china. all of them the rav4 sports utility vehicle manufactured in china over the last year. earlier today, toyota announced it was recalling some vehicles in europe for a similar gas pedal problem that might cause unexpected acceleration. >>> and in southern mexico, archaeologists think they may have discovered new clues into why the mayan civilization started to collapse starting around the year 820. an 1100-year-old mayan tomb. in it they found an urn and skeletal remains as well as ceramic heads. while many excerpts point to internal warfare as part of the mayan civilization downfall, experts say artifacts from another culture were also found in the tomb, suggesting that they may have taken over. >>> while the overwhelming focus of president obama's state of the union address last night was on jobs and economic recovery, the president said the united states can no longer afford to stand by as other economic powers including china, become more competitive. >> you see, washington has been tell
you now have four points in the ball game. >> lachina: she didn't play against boston college in the last game. two minutes overall in the acc now kellum comes down with it for the cavs. had a couple of players inside. did not look up to see them, though, in the paint. kellum going to pull it out and set up the offense. kellum has had three acls on top of the one -- excuse me, the one she had last year was her third. two-on-one knee and one on the other. >> lachina: monica wright even got that bucket to fall. georgia tech, a little lazy with their passing. >> jenn: that foul, against alex montgomery, for her to have gotten off to such a good start in the game, doesn't quite have the role as last time. monica wright taken away by the foul but cavs get the ball back. montgomery meanwhile has three fouls in the ball game and is on the bench. excuse me, she is still playing with them. can't afford to take montgomery out of the game. that's what you have to keep in mind, substitution coming back from an energy. coming out of locker room, halftime is quite a long time to cool off. g
,0 vehicles in china. all of them the rav4 sports utilitvehicle manufacturedn china over the last year. earlier toay, toyota announced it was relling some hicles in europ for a similar gas pedal problem that might cause unexpected acceleratn. >>> and in souther mexico, archaeologists thinkhey may have diovered new clues into why the myan civilization arted to collapse starting around t year 820. an 1100-year-old myan tomb. int they found as well as skeletal remains. while many excerpts point to internal warfare as part of the myan civilizationdownfall hers say othe evidencefound in the tb sugges they may have taken over. >>> while the overelming focus of president obama'state of th union address last night was on bs and economic rovery, theresident said th united states can no longer afford to stand by as other economic 1 china, become more competitive. you see, washingn has been lling us to wait for decades. even if the poblems have grown worse. meanile, cha's not witing to revp its economy. rmany is not waiting. india's not waing. these nations are -- they're not standing still. th
challenged the chinese authorities on internet freedom, and this is huge. google is huge, china is huge. china is potentially the largest market in the entire planet. for google to say, wait a minute, we do not like the way you are messing around and censoring our email capabilities. it is a long time coming. ghoul and the other internet providers in china, american- owned -- google and the other internet providers in china, american-owned, have been slow in standing up to the chinese. they are saying to the chinese government this is not the way we want to do business. it should be taken note of as a really, really important development. >> and secretary of state clinton criticized that. >> she is under pressure to do something on this fight. she did a very interesting thing. she asked the chinese government to look into google's claims that the process is being interfered with by somebody in china. so we will see where that goes. >> that is comparable in intensity to appointing a budget commission to dealith the deficit. >> i think we have to go back to haiti. that is the topic that i
. some traders crediting the mood on the china story, also of course the big short interest in caterpillar ahead of an option expiration on friday, that may have given an impact on its stock as well, to the upside today. chevron, rating being raised at citi today as citi ratzs its long-term price target at $80 barrel. home depot the lagger in the dow components today and also a lot of pressure under the colonel sumer stocks. a number of which do business in venezuela. the devaluation of the currency there, hurting these company's businesses there. among them, clorox came out and said you know what, it is not going to impact its business. it's stock recovered a little bit on that, but finished day to the downside along with the other consumer stocks like procter & gamble and avon. mack moran and its partners talked about a major filing in the gulf of mexico. basically drilling in about 20 feet of water but they dug -- they have a well that's five feet down that they say could be a major find. those stocks were up. mcmoran was up. aig get a boost midday when its former ceo han
it comes to the stocks of american companies that do business in china -- that old sage could haven't been more right. i've got a picture to show you of confucius, come over here. see what this is? this is the anatomy of a five-day crash. this is a chart of the huge meltdown in the cyclical index. what we call the cyc. over the last five trading days, and i can sum it up in two words. sowa and corruptus. they're mythological monsters. in this modern day stock odyssey, scylla positive negative effect and charybdis is in china and they're dragging down the cyclical stock sellers with it. the stocks in here. what makes up the morgan stanley cyclical index? it's stocks like u.s. steel, caterpillar, temple inland, freeport-mcmoran, deere, csx, the railroad company and united technologies and the conglomerate. ingersoll-rand, the metal bender and these have been brought low because like odiyius they had to break between the destruction of the obama administration in the u.s. or escape the action of the chinese government that seems hell-bent on draining the growth out ofst economy. while the dow
, the household savings rates in the united states and the distortions in china, which inflates their savings rate artificially. that has to do with the international exchange. the international exchange is essentially a way for these economies to be adapting to the pressures and these distortions, which really have to do with the domestic policy. >> since the issue is so important and so treacherous, i would like to ask if the other panelists have any comments for this question. >> let me complain about this component, the most concerning aspect of this is in the financial sector. this is being promoted by many people in the official sector, who say that one way to make the system safer is to do this. this is, in a way, very understandable because of the problems that many of the smaller countries or dealing with. if we go down this route and we have protectionism with financial services, this will carry with it some bad implications. the least of which is that much of the growth in the emerging markets has come -- has come from the financial systems and the introduction of the best practices. ce
, it is a negative session across the board. it's all about china today after it hiked its rrr reserve requirement ratio by 50 basis points, with first time it's done so since november 2008. that surprised the markets, pulling sentiment to the downside. the nikkei 225 down 1.3%. resources are getting hammered because of all these worries that china starts hiking and the demand will start to slow down. the shanghai market hurting the most, down 3.1%. elsewhere, it's a similar picture, as well. kospi is down 1.6%. bombay to the up side, 0.1% higher. and the aussie market is down 0.6%. let's check the ftse cnbc 300 index. it is pulling to the downside, 16 points low, 4,69. >> we're one hour into trade here in europe. and after closing down to 2010 lows, which doesn't mean much in the second week of january, the european market is a little bit mixed today. the xetra dax higher by 0.1%. resources, household goods and food and beverage are doing well. no clear direction. bertha has an early look at how the u.s. futures are fairing. >> ross, that means you've traded for the lows of the decade. think abou
one of my professors got a huge grant to study the family and china. i went with him and his thesis wanted to prove how bad and miserable it was for the chinese people. but a farmer told him without a firm support more people would have died. during the fan and i was 5-years-old when it took place. we were able to eat from the province in which china. three or 4,000 miles away. so the government shipped him wild vegetables and grain from far away to help people survive. so the government did a lot for the chinese people. and partly because i think the government enabled the people to work together, to organize them and work as a community, not just work for themselves. i was talking on the way here and two days ago one of the chinese scientists he would teach in this country, in california, the technology of california and 1949 when they can to power he wanted to go back and the american government, the supreme said i would rather kill him than allow him to go back because his knowledge [inaudible] so they arrested him for 15 days then they arrested him for five years. eventually he
foundation and union bank >> this is the bbc world news' world news today. the wall of china leads to a fact between chibea and beijang. a call for a dismantling of internet crensorship. focusing on a way from survivors. president obama sends jitters through the stock market. his talk of reform ating america's banks worries investors. >> we must have peace at any cost. war is not the only way forward. >> 7:00 a.m. in washington. china is rejecting a call from the u.s. secretary of state. following a threat from the search engine google. authorities are accusing mrs. clinton on what they are describing as information imperial ix. jo we look to the chinese authorities to conduct a thorough debut that led google to make its announcement countries that rtrict free access risk walling themselves off from the progress of the next century. >> we are seeing this warning from china like saying back off. the response from the chinese the roundless ack useation can harm the u.s. formulation. the u.s. is open here and it wants good formulation. expressing comments and support when it comes to attacks on
from china, india as well as the u.s. that is fueling some of the risk appetite coming from asia. let's take a look at the charts here. the nikkei 225 touching a 15-month high briefly. 0.3% higher. the hang seng rallying today, together with the shanghai market, up 271%. commodities feeling much of the rally, energy plays, as well. in australia, that market is up 1%. commodities also a big thing there listing the market. the bottom day sensex is up 0.6% and the kospi is the only market on the down side today, down 0.3%. a lot of action happening here in asia yap the. >> here in london, of course, it's 9:00 a.m., 10:00 on the continent. european markets have been trading for just over an hour. let's take a look at the performance. the smi down 0.6%. nestle, perhaps, the reason for that today. but the markets have had a stunningly good rally. they closed yesterday at highs that we haven't seen since the 2nd of september 2008. bertha, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. it was a huge rally to start off year here in the states with the opening bell. 5 1/2 hours away at two minute
and on the verge of replacingapan as the second largt in the world. could china's boom go bust? >> china's coming totheescue of many haitians. we look at their grong humanitarian ro. >>> in the aftermath of hai's vastating earthquake, we follow one family quest to bury a loved one withdignity. >>> pandemonium in anghai. hocould we resist one look at this. major support habeen provided rosalind p. walter and the peter g. petson undation, dedicated to promotg fiscal responsibility and addressi key economic challeng facing america's future. d additional funding is provid by the following supporters -- >>> goo evening, i'm martin savidg thanks foroining us. we'rgoing to shift gears tonight and retur to a subject the world was cussed on for much of last year, the gbal economy. the world bank is out with its predictions for the next yea on one hand the world says t economic cris is largely over and the global economy will verse course and return to growth this year by 7% overal but there were also some warnings, growth will probay owdown later this years the effects of stimulus spending decrease and fo
today as this, of course, after china is reporting strong gdp growth for the forty quarter sparking concerns that beijing will start to tighten monetary policy. we know growth grew 10.7% below market expectations, still pretty strong. also, cpi data came in 1.7%. a lot of concerns about monetary tightening in japan. nikkei 225 is up 1.2%. a strong dollar is in focus there. a lot of people are now putting their emphasis on the exporters, which are pulling that market higher. the composite managing to close high, 2. %. the kospi is up marginally, 0.5% and the bombay sensex down 2% and the australian market is offer 0.8%. the ftse cnbc global 300 index, this is how it's looking, down 6 points, 4,563. hi, bertha. good to see you. >> good to see you, christine. we're going to have a busy day here on wall street. we've got, of course, ahead of the open. goldman sachs will be reporting earnings and the investment bank widely expected to post very solid gains this year. one of the things we'll be watching for will be the bonus numbers. we might get the aggregate bonus number, but the detail
] last week china denounced the decision to allow the sale of patriot missiles by lockheed martin to taiwan. of next a look at recent changes in china's military strategy. officials of the pentagon and state department testified earlier today about china's relationship with its asian neighbors and the united states. this is about two hours. >> today we have with us admiral robert willard, a pacific command, honorable chip gregson, assistant secretary of defense for asian and pacific securities paris, and it david shear, deputy assistant secretary of state for east asian and pacific affairs and we welcome you gentlemen to the first hearing on before this committee. we are pleased you could join us today to testify on a recent security developments involving china. this is a very important -- i wished to welcome his wife, donna, who is sead the good adderall and we welcome you. if the admiral of missteps of it you just whisper in his. help him out. welcome. this is a very important and timely hearing. it's interesting to note that just this morning press reports indicate that google
, as well. although the banking regulations being discussed now are so wide ranging. but nevertheless, china is extremely important. china may well raise rates because it is worried about the $1.4 trillion worth of lending registered in the last year. gdp growth was an astounding over 10% fueled primarily by spending and infrastructure. you can read a raise in two ways, this is going to be very bad or you can read it as trying to stop overheating, trying to capture -- trying to stop some of these asset bubbles before they burst in the housing market, in the stock market. i would tend to read it as the latter. i think china has to reign back some of this liquidity and it is and should be worried about asset bubbles. although i don't think they're worried enough about it. >> we'll cover that a little bit more. linda, you're sticking around. also today, we have retail sales numbers coming out in fact in the uk. these numbers show a healthy christmas. >>> this is cnbc's "worldwide exchange." here are the stories from around the globe. >> in the u.s., the battle lines are drawn and president obam
>>> welcome to the show. the headlines today which is a monday, it's all about china today that overtakes germany as the biggest exporter of goods as last month they blew past expectations. >>> in the u.s., earning season kicks off with acola early today as they look at reports on heavy metal profits. >> welcome to "worldwide exchange." it's 5:00 p.m. here in the evening. this is where the markets are trading or have traded today. japan was closed for the coming of age today today and let's get closing numbers for you. shanghai market up 0.5%. a lot of it export and import numbers from china blowing past expectations. caution because of lingering concerns about monetary tightening. housing is up 0.5%. kospi a bit higher and the market getting a lift on china trade data because of the resource linked. chinese demand would fuel the resource link companies. the cnbc global 300 is up 44 points. hi, ross. good to have you back. >> nice to be back in the saddle for 2010. hello. it's just gone past 9:00 p.m. in london. european markets into their stride pushing into 15-month highs
>> google recently threatened to leave china after cyber attacks that originated there. we look to that dispute on "washington journal" for 40 minutes. >> robert knake is a fellow with foreign relations. here to office explain the dispute between google and china, take us back to last week, what happened? >> guest: well, what happened last week is that google made the unusual stop of letting the world know that they had been hacked probably by the chinese or agents affiliated number groups affiliated with the chinese government. and the target had been not only information on chinese dissidents, use google products like gmail, but also their intellectual property and intellectual property of up to 33 other groups. >> host: what could the end result of that, for google but could the result be that they take their business entirely out of china? >> guest: that's what they're threatening to do. google has for three years, since 2006, ben and china and allowed the chinese to restrict access to google search terms that they find objectionable. tiananmen square june 4th, tibet, the da
. talk about china, you heard maria mentioning pulling back here. primeeer hu jintao. we're talking 10.5%, 10% is the number. he has to show signs that he's reinning in the economy. watch the gdp tonight. big conversation all afternoon. down 3% overnight. so no surprise there. because of what's going on in china, we're seeing a big pullback in the big material. in fact all of the big global industrial and material names had been weak here today. we saw bhp billiton. iron/ore production is down. the big industrial names the big multinational machinery names. caterpillar, deere are to the weak side. hmo stock, which had a great run in the last several days, are sitting at the bottom here today, and although beneficiaries of any gridlock in health care reform. back to you, maria. >> bob, thanks very much. technology getting hard. nasdaq down better 1%. our man at the nasdaq, our scott wapner is there. >> good to see you, maria, as well. second big earnings report out from the technology in the last week or so and it's failed to deliver a big day for tech following. intel, remember a big s
and information giant google. it may shut down their china operations because of alleged china government cyber attacks against the g mail accounts of chinese human rights activists. google's chief legal officer david drummond will be here to explain in just a moment. >>> plus, this evening, monetary expert john taylor raises the ante in his pushback against ben bernanke's attack against the taylor roll. bernanke may not get to the senate reconfirmation. no one supports his taylor attack. why isn't john taylor the next fed chairman. >>> the obama tax attack that buried banks and others in parts of the stock market today. a huge bank tax, and a payroll tax on capital gains and other investments. did someone say 10% unemployment? this is the worst policy i've heard yet. >>> the first tea party senator, marco rubio is on a roll in his race against charlie crist. fasten your seat belts, "the kudlow report" begins right now. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm larry kudlow. welcome back to "the kudlow report," where we believe free market capitalism is the goal. here now is david drummond, senior vice p
, christine. thank you very much. what's going on in china is having an impact on stock futures right now. the ifo numbers didn't necessarily move markets. let's take a look at where we stand at this hour. better than 55 points in negative territory in the dow and we're negative in the nasdaq and s&p 500. apple's earnings were freud extraordinary, although the trend lately has been to buy the rumor, sell the news, and perhaps that's going on yet again. the budget freeze proposal will perhaps have more details at the state of the union address meeting. right now, we have negative across the board after stopping that losing streak yesterday, although the dow finishing up 24 was a long way from the triple digit gains we saw at this hour yesterday. christine, back over to you. >> brian, our guest host for the next hour is peter alston. good to have you with us. asia down heavily. europe is trading lower. part of the force here in asia were partly blamed on china raising reserve ratio and curbing lending. one would have thought since they flagged it last week, the markets wouldn't have fallen
announced they were being hit by sniper attacks originating in china. -- cyber attacks originating in china. . . for independents, 202-628-0205. you can reach us by e-mail, journal@c-span.org. or you can use twitter through twitter.com/c-spanwj. just a reminder for callers, if you called in the last 30 days, give others a chance to call in this morning. all of the newspapers and many of the on-line web sites are leading with the recovery of the earthquake in haiti. "u.s. steps up relief effort." the cover story here in "usa today" is "a frustration -- aid frustration. there is a logjam occurring in haiti. one of the cargo planes carrying an inflatable, surgical hospital was blocked from landing on saturday, causing delays." also this morning in "the washington post" it says "than the eye and he the." they have a chart in terms of numbers. major deployment is the headline. "u.s. armed forces are sending thousands of troops and supplies to haiti. 7500 personnel expected to arrive today. 130,000 food rations airlifted. 250,000 liters of water delivered on saturday." we will read more
is worth a thousand words. when it comes to the stocks of american companies that do business in china, that old sage couldn't have been more right. i got a picture to show you. come over here. see what this is? this is the anatomy of a five-day crash. this is a chart of huge meltdown in the cyclical index over the last five trades days, and i can sum it up in two words. there are a couple of nasty mythological monsters that used to eat sailors for lunch. sila is the obama administration and it's perceived negative effect on the business environment in the united states, and karibta is china now putting the brakes on its economy and dragging it down with it. the stocks in here, what makes up the morgan stanley index? stocks like u.s. steel, caterpillar, temple-inland, deere, csx, united technologies, ent ing ingersoll brand. they had to pick between braves the sylaal-like destruction or escape the action of the chinese government that seems now hell bent on draining the growth out of its economy. while the dow was up 42 points today, the s&p 500 was up marginally. we would have been up
themes today included the global economy, number one, china. how fast is it growing? a number of players told me the chinese currency will go higher. and the chinese am likely make adjustments in the coming year. number two the euro zone. people are worried about greece and the debt issue there. but they do believe that the country will manage to get out of it and will not impact germany and the rest of that europe, all of that negatively. more on that. and finally the banking proposals out of obama administration. a number of major players in the banking industry told me, they have benefited from the pressures on u.s. banks. more of that coming up on the "closing bell." melissa, back to you. >> looking forward to it, thanks, maria. i'm melissa francis here at cnbc headquarters. the markets finishing the day mostly higher on what has been an extremely busy day on the news front. we've got stories that are impacting the nation from coast to coast. we have it all covered from wall street to washington to the heart of america's auto industry and then on into silicon valley. our steve liesma
have been counted in mass graves. china is on the verge of becoming the world's second biggest economy. >> is this an affront to women's dignity. france moves to ban muslim wearing veils in public. very warm welcome. and to the viewers -- viewers around the globe. >> peace at any price. the afghan president tells the bbc he's prepared to pay taliban fighrs to swap sides in the war. >> and kicking out the kids. italy plans a crackdown on the children who just won't leave home. ♪ >>ello to you. as haiti's official death toll reaches 75,000. that's the number just so far countried in mass graves. and it has been buffeted by two more aftershocks. it is estimated almost half a million people are homeless, camps are to be built for them outside the capital and the main port has finally partially reopened to speed the supply of aid. but still, nine days after the strongest earthquake in two centurys, help is not reaching those that need it. bbc's correspondent is in port-au-prince. >> vital equipment coming ashore to help reopen haiti's only port. a difficult maneuver on a makeshift ramp. a
-digit growth, could china become the second-biggest economy? general misery at general motors in europe as the company announces a thousand jobs to go in factory closures. why the philippines is the most dangerous country in the world for journalists. hello and welcome from port-au- prince. i am standing outside the university hospital in port-au- prince where many of the earthquake's survivors have been brought. this is the sort of overspill at the hospital. we are in the courtyard of the hospital. many people are being treated because there simply is not room inside. a lot of the patients have had to have amputations. limbs have had to be amputated, and doctors here from various international organizations, including the colombian red cross. they have carried out dozens of amputations every day. the doctors here have told me that they feel that at the moment, nine days after the earthquake, the situation is beginning to stabilize. they have the bandages and the medicines that they need. they did tell me there's one woman inside the hospital who has 70% burns, and they want to get her
-- google's threat to pull out of china. >> lehrer: that's all ahead on tonight's "pbs newshour." major funding for the pbs newshour is provided by: >> what the world needs now is energy. the energy to get the economy humming again. the energy to tackle challenges like climate change. what if that energy came from an energy company? every day, chevron invests $62 million in people, in ideas-- seeking, teaching, building. fueling growth around the world to move us all ahead. this is the power of human energy. chevron. >> bnsf railway. toyota grant thornton and by the alfred p. sloan the national science foundation. supporting education and research across all fields of science and engineering. and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> lehrer: hundreds of buildings were destroyed, and the haitian president said 30,000 to 50,000 people could be dead. other estimates ranged as high as 500,000. u.s. officials
in the united states, railway companies bring things that are imported from china. noticeably like massie, for example. stocks were down here. we're waiting and in about two hours, larry, we're going to get the china gop numbers. that's very important. we're talking about numbers over 10%. we should have these problems in the united states here. big source of concern over there. >> bob, two quick questions for you. appreciate your time this evening as always. number one, do we assess too much about some modest credit tightening from china? we're going to have to do it, so i'm thinking if we are panicked in the u.s. stock market over soc some modest chinese tightening, what are the feds going to do? i think it will happen in my lifetime. what does that mean? >> unless we see noticeable growth in the economy -- before that, you're going to see the kind of reaction you got here today. the chinese reaction is very reasonable. they've got stimulus measures that are out there, they've got very low-cost lending and they've got an economy growing at over 10% a year. they've got good reason to be
china's nations with taiwan is good for the united states. and a look at a small company viking to get innovative technologies into military service. >> good morning, welcome to this week in defense news. how do small companies get innovative technologies into military service? we'll talk to one of the companies. >>> plus, a look at the u.s. navy's newest high-tech ship. first, china's been making headlines this week. internet titan google is considering pulling the plug on its operations in the country, accusing chinese hackers of infiltrating the network. other companies include north rum grumman and beijing stepped up the campaign to stop washington from selling arms to taiwan. china and taiwan split after a 1949 civil war and china considering taiwan its territory and all relations with taiwan as an internal chinese matter and tested an antimissile defense system. joining us is bonnie glacier, a senior fellow and china expert at the center of strew tonalic international studies. thank you for joining us. >> good to be here. >> we have the cyberattack issue. light talk about that fi
are trying to cope with perhaps tensf thousands of injured children. many now orphans. >>> in china, they've been working on the railroad. high speed rail is on the fast track, linking cities like never before. some are claiming china stole the technology. >>> and in a sign of faith, russians take thplunge. >>> from the different perspectives of reporters and analysts from around the globe, this is "worldfocus." major support has been provided by rosalind p. walter and the peter g. peterson foundation, dedicated to promoting fiscal responsibility and addressing key economic challenges facing america's future. and additional funding is provided by the following supporters -- >>> good evening. i'm martin savidge. thank you for joining us. it's been one week since the earthquake struck in haiti and life changed in an instant for millions of people. beyond the estimated 200,000 killed, another 250,000 were injured and 1.5 million are homeless. as much of haiti lies in ruins, the relief effort has picked up by it is still described as sluggish. there were long lines today as u.n. peacekeepers
. >> googled threatens to pull out of china over censorship and hacking. welcome to "bbc world news." coming up later, trying to suit diplomatic [unintelligible] israel apologizes for the humiliation of turkey's ambassador. the battle for an ancient gold and silver hoard. a tug of war over who should keep britain's biggest collection of anglo-saxon treasure. >> you live in one of the poorest countries of the world where 80% of you get no more than $2 a day. you are still recovering from three hurricanes, and now this. in haiti the most powerful earthquake in 200 years as caused a tragedy. schools and hospitals and parliament are in ruins. the president is talking of an unimaginable catastrophe. the epicenter was close to the densely populated capital, now a city in chaos. matthew price has just arrived in the neighboring dominican republic. >> there was an earthquake that just happened and many people are walking in front of me with blood all over them. that was a lady screaming that she lost her son. >> the hospital has collapsed, the international pallas has collapsed. i fear at least five bu
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in the world. hence the gaga sensation. google's threat to pull out of china. nor is the possibility that the chinese communists cut google off. if it won't stop with the ridiculous insistence on getting the truth out and protecting the privacy of people let alone dissidents, of course, protecting its own source code which is what i think the chinese seem to be after. they want the underlying programs very crafty. we have to take this matter searsiously when we assess the stocks. ignoring it ask saying i am an enamored of google as i was the day before is a recipe for losing money. when -- hey. listen. we change with the facts. we are as flexible as gumby. that's a nod to the recent passing of the cartoon character. so what do we do? any time we have a stock that sells at what's known as a premium multiple, people pay more for its futures earning stream than any other stock there is, you never want to wake up if you are anything negative. let alone front-page news banner. this is like, you know, something really big happened. all you want to hear is that the futures players and past.
to be on currencies in this particular part of the world where a china government think tank says they're calling for a 1% reevaluation of the currency. so that seems to be driving a lot of these asian currencies higher. the kop kospi up 0.8%. the bombay single sex down and the s&p/asx 200 is marginally lower. this is how it's looking for the session after modest gains in asia, ride now, the ftse cnbc global 300 is just about flat. steve, how is it looking in your neck of the woods? >> the markets seem to have pulled back a bit, a mixed session yesterday. we're thinking about adp, which bertha will talk about more. we're thinking about payroll. but we've had services pmi out of europe. we've got some sources. of course, you know how these things work. sometimes they get broken early, don't they? the dow jones french december services pmi was slightly worse than expected, 59.3, came in at 53.7. in germany, it's come in at 52.1. and the pan euro measures has come in better than expected and indeed, by and large, slightly better on the broad brush for some of the individuals companies. as you can se
these interesting stories about this woman who had been what is none in china has a snake head or a human smuggler. she had for a price, she would bring people illegally from one country to another and generally from her home province in southeast china, just across the street from taiwan to new york city. : >> and that sort of disconnect was part of what appealed to me initially, this idea he was this person providing a service. it was an illegal service. she was violating the law by bringing people out of china without the proper documentati documentation. through a whole different series of waystation, from thailand, kenya, guatemala and into the united states. these were hazardous journeys. in the introduction you heard some instance there was some 17000-mile journey. one of the ships i'm going to talk about, the golden venture, had been at sea for 120 days by the time the passengers got here. they had been in a hold of the ship for 120 days. that didn't mean anything to me. i didn't give it much thought. 300 people, in a space probably if we started at the shelf there and connected to the wal
about a move by china to curb lending and show down that nation's red-hot growth. how that could impact global recovery. oil prices hit hard by the news from china amid forecasts for mild weather across much of the united states. crude oil closing below $81 a barrel. coming up, the outlook for the biotech interest with an exclusive interview with gilead ceo john martin. and hyatt hotels executive tom prisker on the state of the travel and leisure industry. the dow jones industrial average on the down side by 37 points, well off the lows of the afternoon to close down 0.3%. s&p down 10 points, 1136. nasdaq lost better than 1% to finished at 2282. more action from scott whopner. >> you could point to a number of different stories. add them together and the markets are under pressure today. started after the closie ining yesterday after the disappointing results from alcoa. material stocks under pressure throughout the day. i'm not just talking about aluminum stocks but steel and mining stocks under pressure as well. you see that move to the downside. down 11% for alcoa. look at the materi
to go to their own deaths to show the world what they are capable of. >> china confounding all expectations. new figures released by the government suggests it grew 8.7% last year. that puts it on course to overtake japan as the world's second-biggest economy. about 300 people died in clashes between muslims and christians in the central nigerian city. houses were set on fire. thousands of people were made homeless. curfew was imposed. restrictions were later relaxed for the residents to get food and water. in one of the biggest corporate failures in japan's history, the largest airline filed for bankruptcy this week. they are being restructured under the supervision of a turnaround organization. president obama's democratic party lost a key election in the united states. republicans got brown won the senate seat formerly held by ted kennedy and the democrats for 50 years. he is already said he will use his senate vote to try to bring down president obama's health care reform. we have this report on a big vote with the repercussions. >> sure he is, the united states senator fro
. that was a very important point here. but continuing to see high demand from china as well. all of the big iron orr stocks are up today trader talk.cnbc.com. mike, how are we looking over at the nasdaq? looking at intel, intel has been up all week though. >> it's cliche but you're right all eyes on intel. not as big of a gain here yesterday but all in all not that bad. up half a percent right now and that is, thanks in no small part, to the rally that is building this afternoon in shares of intel. they are trading at a new high right now of 2.4%. of course, all of this ahead of the company reporting its earnings after the closing bell today. we've also got microsoft up 2.3%. isi telling investors today to be long. that stock ahead of its earnings. and by the way, we've got the ceo steve ballmer coming up at the bottom of this hour on the "closing bell." as google continues to play out its fight with china, shares are rebound a bit today. up 1.1% today. but baidu the chinese google, if you will, is continuing to benefit from what's going on there hitting another new high today. up almost 6%. so
.s.? if china is better than capitalist america, why shouldn't ghana be a hot bed of investment? what's safe for the united states? what's safer? we're going to talk about developed countries after the break. that's called a tease in tv speak. now i want to highlight the safest developing ones with terrific stocks to shock you -- that's right, i'm going to shock you out of your complacency. brazil, china and peru. that's right, you heard me. brazil, china and peru are all safe countries to put your money in. in many ways safer than the united states, because they do not favor a dictatorship of the pelosi proletariat. in the old days you invested in peru worried about trotskiism and the yellow pave. now trotski is brand of fruit juice. i have my kramcramerica passpor. let's head to brazil where the socialist president lula is way more friendly than our guys, where banks are lending, companies are hiring, the middle class is growing, the economy is expanding at a 5% clip, at least in 2010. brazil's foreign currency reserves rose 15.2% last year and it paid off all of its imf debt by 2006. let'
treasury secretary hank paulson about foreign rivals and holders of our debt, russia, and china. using their u.s. holdings in a threatened attempt to bring america to the brink. let's break it down. on yesterday's senate vote, our government essentially upped their credit card limit to create programs and spending and loop hole, all the things that they do, to $14.3 trillion. that's on everybody's bill, right? so how do we end up as a country so deep in the red? after being in a surplus a decade ago? as we all know, a series of decisions by our congress and the presidents in recent years, cutting taxes while at the same time spending money they did not have by borrowing against the credit card of anybody who is still alive and young and intends to live for longer than the next few minutes. not to mention new and legacy entitlement programs expanded, and multiple wars. all with tax cuts. and it's not just the public debt. that $14.3 trillion. wall street got into the act and used deregulation, corrupted the language of innovation and applied it to banking, and got in bed with complicit
in momentum and affecting the psychology. some negatives some positives and some in the middle. china pulling back instructing their banks to pull back. it is a major story this morning. case-shiller showing some slippage. mixed news, consumer confidence is weak. earnings, impressive in apple and disappointing in a couple of others. look at stock earnings dupont sales picked up overseas that is the good news. the bad news there is a hard time earning profits because of higher costs. regions financial, bigger loss than expected. they continue to have problems with large losses on real estate loans. u.s. steel, the tough situation. pricing is improving. demand improving modestly but costs are going up. take a look at big mining stocks. weakness throughout the day as the dollar is stronger, rio tinto, weak on the day. tradertalk.cnbc.com. bertha, how are we looking at the nasdaq? >> reporter: as apple goes so goes the rest of the market. apple has accounted for much of the moves in the qqqs the nasdaq 100. we hit a high shy of 215 print. right around midday big program trades.
the disease. >>> hundreds of workers in china try to contain an oil leak that spilled oil into the yellow river. pollution was recorded 33 millimeters down stream. it is the closest drinking water for millions of people. >>> the president of iceland refused to ratify a bill to compensate britain and the netherlands for billions of dollars lost in an online bank collapse. the bill -- they would be paying for the government's mistakes. it will now go to a referendum. this led to their debt rating being downgraded. our correspondent has this report from brussels. >> the collapse of the online bank in october 2008 left thousands of british savers fearing for their money. government stepped in to guarantee their deposits, but wanted the icelandic government to pay up. weeks of heed debate finally approved a repayment scheme. the voters worried that the country could not afford it. almost one-quarter of the population signed a petition to withhold the president's signature and turn the bill into law. it referendum on the issue will follow. >> it has become more apparent that people must be conv
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